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Legal Advice

Seeking out legal advice is an essential step in making an informed decision.  Whether it is to help you understand your rights and duties, to provide you with guidance concerning your legal options, or to facilitate mediation, our lawyers will give you legal advice in plain language.  


It is important to know that when you seek out legal advice, you are not obliged to commence legal proceedings.  It is an entirely confidential approach with a professional that will help you understand the various options available to you.  


Being informed is having answers to your questions!


Family mediation is a voluntary process in which parties solve their conflicts with the help of a neutral and impartial individual: the mediator.  With our firm’s mediators/lawyers, parties try to find solutions to their conflicts and negotiate a fair settlement that will satisfy everyone’s needs.


In Quebec, the Ministère de la Justice advocates mediation to solve issues that arise from separation or divorce, or for the revision of an agreement, and the government covers the cost of mediation sessions under certain circumstances and according to certain criteria.  Our lawyers / mediators offer mediation sessions covered under this program.


Individuals, who are not covered by the Ministère de la Justice’s program, can also, on a fee-for-service basis, benefit from mediation offered by our experienced lawyers / mediators.


Working together helps to findwin-win solutions!

Representation in Court

When you want to assert your rights, it is important to be well-represented in court.  


The legal system has specific rules, and a trial can therefore be a difficult and stressful process.  Consequently, help from a lawyer is essential: not only does a lawyer represent you, she also counsels and guides you through the trial process.  


At our firm, our lawyers represent clients in sensitive cases, including cases of separation, divorce, partition of family patrimony  and matrimonial regime, partition of property, child custody, child support, controversy between common law spouses and child and youth protection.  


Being well-represented is the best way to insure that your rights are defended!


Very few people know that lawyers are excellent negotiators.  Indeed, your lawyer can guide you and help you solve your issues without having to go to court.  


She can suggest different solutions to solve your case such as collaborative law and family mediation.


Speaking to one another is the best way to find solutions!

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